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#it's only late at night that i realize how absolutely terrible it is that i've fallen so hard for you #because when this all ends #man it is going to hurt like hell #and i think the scariest part is that i don't want it to end #i should just get some sleep 

gingeronastick said: 1-15 odds! :)

1. Tell me about your ex
oh boy. saying this as unbiased as i possibly can, my most recent ex is an amazing, funny kid with so much potential in what he does. he’s a tough one to crack but he can make anyone’s day and he’s a really great person.

3. A secret you haven’t told many people
i’m absolutely terrified of dolls. i feel like a lot of people might know that but i don’t tell them hahaha

5. Favorite TV show
right now it’s degrassi hahaha. previously himym and breaking bad

7. What last made you laugh until you cried
just did this one!

9. Your Christmas list
since my birthday comes before christmas and it’s in like a month i’ve been telling people i just want to be able to go to the school i’m trying to go to, haha. that and i want a dumb little mini vacation with my friends.

11. Favourite song
did this one too!

13. Favourite memory of this past summer
i’m assuming this means last summer so defffffinitely the peterborough roadtrip with a bunch of random guys. so much fun.

15. Jewelry that you’re wearing
class ring, engagement ring, canada and key necklaces.

thaaaaank you!

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bathtime said: 7, 11, 17, 22

7. What last made you laugh until you cried
honestly, i’m not really sure. usually i can name these things off quickly but i guess it’s been a while since i’ve laughed that hard, haha.

11. Favourite song
not sure if i have an absolute favourite but big difference by tokyo police club is high up there

17. Last awkward situation you were in
hahahaha i asked a customer if she was fucking kidding me right to her face and then she came back like 10 minutes later to compliment me

22. Lyrics to your favourite song
wellllll my favourite songs are all lame but taylor swift is stuck in my head so:
"and time is taking its sweet time erasing you. and you’ve got your demons and darling, they all look like me."

thank youuuuu!!!!

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"don’t let him ruin your favourite songs, don’t let him ruin your favourite movie, don’t let him ruin you."

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The Story So Far | All Wrong.


The Story So Far | All Wrong.

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plekaface said: 18 & 22

18. Quote you live by
"not everyone you lose is a loss" has been one that has realllllly helped me lately.

22. Lyrics to your favourite song
i just did this one and i can’t think of any more lyrics ahhhhh hahaha

thank you!!!!

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feel free to send me things from that last post i reblogged orrrr anythingggg

ya know

because that would be a cool thing to do

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Anonymous said: i can't tell if you're a wanna-be slut, an actual slut, or just a puckslut. one or all of the above definitely.

engrave this on my tombstone please

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Untitled by Magalie L'Abbé | Flickr
banff, Alberta, Canada


Untitled by Magalie L'Abbé | Flickr
banff, Alberta, Canada

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